Targeted Academic Tutoring

Our Tutors are

Experienced High School Teachers

  • we hire experienced high school teachers
  • all our teachers are either currently teaching or have extensive prior classroom experience
  • our teachers are positive and supportive

Tutor credentials available on request

Ready to Help

High-Level College Scholars

  • our college student tutors are upper-classman students (juniors, seniors or graduate students)
  • our college student tutors only tutor in their area of expertise
  • our high school students love working with college students!

Guaranteed help: no charges if the tutor is not effective

Content Tutoring

We tutor in all subjects
We match tutor expertise to student need

Select tutor level:
• experienced high school teacher: $65 / hr
• high level college student tutor: $40 / hr

No minimums or long-term commitments

Calculus troubles?

Good students can get stuck in Calculus and higher level math.

Our tutors:
• Identify student skill gaps from previous math courses
• Build confidence
• Guide students back to in-class comprehension

We will get your Calculus student back up to speed!

Test Prep

Our unique test prep empowers student independence and ownership of tests.

It's more than just a strategy, it's
• Question attack & context building
• Application of prior knowledge

We are experts at individualized improvement

Why Online Tutoring?

1. Because it works.
2. From the comfort or your home
3. No driving, no commuting
3. Easy scheduling

With online tutoring, our teachers and college scholars can work from their homes, so we have quality tutors who otherwise wouldn't be available to help your student.

Because it works!

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Our Team


Megan is our Manager and all-round student helper.

Megan has a B.A. in Philosophy and is an expert editor. Megan manages our daily assignment updates, essay reviews, and student grades tracking. She loves nothing more than seeing kids improve. All our A+ Club students agree that “Megan Rocks!”




Gabriella is a high school teacher, librarian, and student mentor.

Gabriella has a degree in Public & Community Service Studies and extensive student mentoring experience. She believes that teenagers are an undervalued population and greatly enjoys empowering them to reach their full potential.




Dan is an award winning STEM and History high school teacher.

Dan has a BS in Chemistry from George Washington University and is currently studying for his Masters of Education. Dan has an exceptional ability to raise student performance by breaking complex ideas and tasks into small, reachable steps and goals.



Camille is a college senior
majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Camille loves working with students to help them improve their grades and SAT scores. Camille is a campus leader and also an A+ Club leader, having put together our college student tutoring team.


Our Teachers

 Our teachers team includes:

  • Gabriella, teacher, librarian, and student mentor, B.A. Public and Community Service Studies

  • Annie, math teacher and dedicated, caring student supporter, candidate for M.A. Education

  • Joy, a math and science expert, high school teacher and now stay-at-home mom, with too many bachelors and masters degrees to mention (all magna cum laude, of course!)

  • Dan, math, science and history teacher, with B.S. Chemistry & B.A. History

  • Michelle, a math and science high school and college teacher with B.S. in Math and certified STEM educator

  • Alexis, electrical engineer and math expert, with B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Our Teachers (con’t)

  • Antionette, Education M.A. and communications and motivational expert

  • Ebe, Learning Specialist, Associate Professor, and Head of Upper School, with Doctor of Education and M.A. Special Education

  • Jennifer, Spanish teacher and curriculum expert, with B.A. Education

  • Alana, high school teacher, curriculum developer & M.A. in Latin American Studies & Political Economy

  • Amir, high school teacher, math expert and candidate for MS Education


This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. However, this list faithfully represents the caliber and curricular expertise of our team of high school teachers and mentors.

Our college scholars

Our college student team includes:

  • Camille, Chemical Engineering major, senior

  • Vernon, Electrical Engineering major, senior

  • Sade, Journalism major, senior

  • Amanda, Biology major, senior

  • Quamiir, Computer Science major, junior

  • Rachel, Business Administration major, senior

  • Jennifer, Business Information Systems major, junior

  • Dillon, Biology major, junior

  • Aura, Nursing major & native-Spanish speaker, junior

  • Chris, Journalism major, experienced camp counselor and student mentor, sophomore

  • Gami-Lou, major t.b.a., native-French speaker, freshman

  • LaTonya, B.S. Chemical Engineering, candidate for M.S. in engineering


This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. However, this list faithfully represents the caliber and subject area expertise of our team of college student tutors.


Founder and President of LLC & the A+ Club.

Michael taught high school history in Washington, DC area for 10 years.

Michael started the A+ Club because he loves helping kids successfully navigate through their academic challenges and thereby keep opportunities open for themselves in school and in life.



Michael also loves his King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Stella, Artemis, and Puck!