Challenges students face:

  • Teachers are unclear or make no sense
  • Organization & assignment tracking
  • This year worse than last year
  • Parents bugging about homework
  • Procrastination
  • Teacher soooo boring
  • Nobody understands me

Challenges parents face:

  • Grade surprises
  • Student in denial or blaming everyone else
  • no time to log in to school websites every day
  • Student has difficulties prioritizing work
  • I can't help with the math
  • What, no homework?
  • Student doesn't seem to care

Does your child…

procrastinate and put off work?
- Frustrated Mom

Are you tired of…

arguing over homework & grades?
- Defensive student

Are the excuses…

always how it's the teacher's fault?
- Bewildered Dad


A holistic approach providing consistent, daily academic coaching and support to students at any performance level.


Focused on a specific subject matter or test prep, tutoring is provided by experienced professional educators and university scholars.

We will help your child …

Gain self-esteem, take accountability for schoolwork, get better grades, and achieve full academic potential.

Learn how:

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This same excellent academic help is available to students and families

Did you know that…

College graduates are twice as likely to experience job satisfaction if:

  • They had a mentor

Students who had mentors are 2.2x as likely to experience job satisfaction as those who did not

  • Their teachers cared about them

Students who felt their teachers cared about them are 1.9x as likely to experience job satisfaction as those did not

Source: "Life in College Matters for Life After College," Gallup-Purdue Index,

The A+ helps students succeed…

  • We mentor, coach, and prepare students for the next level

  • Our students gain confidence

  • Our students learn to self-advocate and create meaningful experiences in their classrooms and with their teachers

  • Our students set goals and plan for future success

Targeted Academic Tutoring

Targeted academic tutoring in a specific subject or test prep provided by experienced professional educators or university scholars who are matched with the student based on their subject expertise.

Service Includes:

  • A strong focus on skills and content improvement within the subject, leading to a greater understanding of material and improvement in grades
  • Feedback reports provided after each session for students and parents as a way to track improvements, create continuity and encourage goal setting.
  • Pre-scheduled hour-long tutoring sessions via video-conferencing from the comfort of home

monthly academic program includes:

Homework Tracker

  • Individualized assignment and calendar management

  • We track student goals and reflections for follow-through and fulfillment

When students use the unique and powerful HomeworkTracker, grades go up

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Goal setting, reflection, and problem solving with experienced educators

  • Our “Student Supporters” are caring, non-judgmental, and professional.

Your Student Supporter is your very own, personal academic consultant

On-demand tutoring

  • On demand, one-on-one tutoring

  • Our tutors are real teachers and high-level college scholars

  • Get the help you need!

Our tutors love helping students do better in school

Daily Assignment Updates

  • Daily assignment notifications for parents and student

  • Each assignment is logged onto the student HomeworkTracker account

Consistent support for student workflow and assignment fulfillment

Weekly Grades & Missing Work Lists

  • Weekly grades and missing work lists for parents and student

  • We log current grades and provide a list of missing work

No more not having enough time to going through all the teacher and school pages

Essays Review

  • On-demand essay review

  • Grammatical corrections and content improvement

  • Engages students in drafting process for better grades

Empower your writing & improve grades

So what's it take to get this going?

Only this:

  • 5-15 minute phone call to review your situation
  • Approx. 60 minute, no-obligations interview with you and your child by phone, video-conference or in person (DC Metro only)
  • From there, we save you time & stress by empowering your parental oversight
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The A+ Club helps students get better grades…
and makes life easier for parents!

All this for only $135 per month

The A+ Club program will save you time and stress:

  • No commuting & no running around dropping your child off at a learning center or a library
  • We review school & teacher pages every day for you
  • We provide ongoing instructional support and reminders for your child
  • We engage your child in academic independence, freeing you to worry about other things

As one of our parents tells us, the A+ Club
"...takes stress off our relationship w/ him, we can enjoy our relationship now!"

Students and Parents we have helped say…

“Thanks! … first time I’ve gotten on the Honor Roll in high school thanks to your guidance and support!!”


“I really should have started this last year!”


“Thank you for your concern and your consistent support. I graduated from high school and will be attending [college] in the fall.”

High School Students Say!

“Your program… boosted [my son’s] confidence and esteem until he learned to rely on himself to perform his work independently.”


“You and your staff are such a blessing! I’m glad [my son] feels empowered.”


“He finished.. with an 80… [and we got] a huge discount on my auto insurance smiley.”

Parents Say!

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Successful students…

We develop in our students the skills and strategies of successful students, including goal-setting, self-advocacy, academic awareness, organization, and executive function. When students identify and act on teacher expectations and reach out for help when they need it, they get better grades.
Identify Expectations:
Set Goals & Priorities:
Clarify Needs & Resources:
Study & Practice:
Get Good Grades!:

Our team includes


Megan is our Manager and all-round student helper.

Megan has a B.A. in Philosophy and is an expert editor. Megan manages our daily assignment updates, essay reviews, and student grades tracking. She loves nothing more than seeing kids improve. All our A+ Club students agree that “Megan Rocks!”




Gabriella is a high school teacher, librarian, and student mentor.

Gabriella has a degree in Public & Community Service Studies and extensive student mentoring experience. She believes that teenagers are an undervalued population and greatly enjoys empowering them to reach their full potential.




Dan is an award winning STEM and History high school teacher.

Dan has a BS in Chemistry from George Washington University and is currently studying for his Masters of Education. Dan has an exceptional ability to raise student performance by breaking complex ideas and tasks into small, reachable steps and goals.



Camille is a college senior
majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Camille loves working with students to help them improve their grades and SAT scores. Camille is a campus leader and also an A+ Club leader, having put together our college student tutoring team.


Our Teachers

 Our teachers team includes:

  • Gabriella, teacher, librarian, and student mentor, B.A. Public and Community Service Studies

  • Annie, math teacher and dedicated, caring student supporter, candidate for M.A. Education

  • Joy, a math and science expert, high school teacher and now stay-at-home mom, with too many bachelors and masters degrees to mention (all magna cum laude, of course!)

  • Dan, math, science and history teacher, with B.S. Chemistry & B.A. History

  • Michelle, a math and science high school and college teacher with B.S. in Math and certified STEM educator

  • Alexis, electrical engineer and math expert, with B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Our Teachers (con’t)

  • Antionette, Education M.A. and communications and motivational expert

  • Ebe, Learning Specialist, Associate Professor, and Head of Upper School, with Doctor of Education and M.A. Special Education

  • Jennifer, Spanish teacher and curriculum expert, with B.A. Education

  • Alana, high school teacher, curriculum developer & M.A. in Latin American Studies & Political Economy

  • Amir, high school teacher, math expert and candidate for MS Education


This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. However, this list faithfully represents the caliber and curricular expertise of our team of high school teachers and mentors.

Our college scholars

Our college student team includes:

  • Camille, Chemical Engineering major, senior

  • Vernon, Electrical Engineering major, senior

  • Sade, Journalism major, senior

  • Amanda, Biology major, senior

  • Quamiir, Computer Science major, junior

  • Rachel, Business Administration major, senior

  • Jennifer, Business Information Systems major, junior

  • Dillon, Biology major, junior

  • Aura, Nursing major & native-Spanish speaker, junior

  • Chris, Journalism major, experienced camp counselor and student mentor, sophomore

  • Gami-Lou, major t.b.a., native-French speaker, freshman

  • LaTonya, B.S. Chemical Engineering, candidate for M.S. in engineering


This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. However, this list faithfully represents the caliber and subject area expertise of our team of college student tutors.


Founder and President of LLC & the A+ Club.

Michael taught high school history in Washington, DC area for 10 years.

Michael started the A+ Club because he loves helping kids successfully navigate through their academic challenges and thereby keep opportunities open for themselves in school and in life.



Michael also loves his King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Stella, Artemis, and Puck!


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